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OK, we really do get it!  This page is lengthy and long winded so we understand if you bypass this part.  But for those that like details, dig through below and find out what we have to offer and how we can assist you and your company.


Renovation, relocation, re-organization, and new construction projects can be labourious, costly, and potentially complex which makes it important to have an experienced Project Manager on board to manage the professional team and to keep the Clients best interests front and centre.


Many companies do not have enough staffing resources with the required experience and expertise to manage a “Space” project on their own.  We have also found that many design firms tend to focus strictly on design and documentation, contractors tend to manage the construction component only, and furniture vendors tend to stick with furniture sales and installation, but very few groups focus on the overall project.  Nimble manages the entire project, and depending on the project requirements, this could include everything from feasibility budgeting, funding approvals, and site selection all the way to project end with the final staff move, closeout and possible decommissioning.


Project Management is our core business focus and we are able to offer this in many different scenarios.  We have long standing contracts with some of the largest companies in North America and are brought in as an added resource to supplement their team when they have an overrun on projects.  In addition, we also work with small companies on one-off projects where our expertise, experience, and a local presence is required.  Many of our clients have head offices based in other cities but require a local resource to manage their out of market sites or need a mobile resource to travel on their behalf. 


We understand that you have a business to run and are here to make things simple and as disruptive as possible so you can focus on your day to day activities.  We are happy to look at all options and come up with a solution that works best for the project so please contact us to see how we can assist! 


Interior Design is a complex and fascinating world and should be an exciting opportunity for Clients looking to make change in their space.  Nimble Project Management and Interior Design has experienced, and enthusiastic Designers who can assist you with you design needs and guide you through the entire process. 


Our Interior Designers are licensed and credentialed in both Interior Design and in Green Building Certification (LEED) and are permitted to practice in Canada and the United States.  We are also members in the International Interior Design community and have been involved on a few international projects. 


We have close relationships with many Property Managers, Landlords, and Brokers throughout the city and work alongside them assisting clients with upcoming leasing requirements.  Our early presence allows us to become involved in the entire process and to provide input on the suitability of potential sites and advise on how they could integrate with your needs.  From that point we can be fully entrenched within the project and can offer our full range of design services as required.


We offer creative, innovative design ideas with practical solutions that work within our Clients project parameters.  Our fully rounded skill set makes us flexible enough to work on most projects and our low overhead also allows us to pass on savings to our perspective Clients.



Typically Move Management is not carried in the scope of most Designers and Project Managers, therefore the client would be need to hire a Move Manager separately, or would be responsible for managing the Move themselves. This can be concerning if you are not accustomed to this type of work or do not have the proper contacts.  At Nimble we are able offer Move Management services to every project in order make the process as seamless and unobtrusive to your core business.


Including us to manage your move, in conjunction with the Interior Design and Project Management services, we can help to control the costs and timing on your project.  Our Move Management service includes working one on one with you to assess moving needs, make recommendations on how to proceed, plan, and execute the project.  As there is usually more to a move than most people anticipate, we are here to jump in and make the whole process as convenient and stress free as possible.


Decommissioning an office space can be one of the last components to consider on a move and relocation project and is often the most overlooked.  Whether you are downsizing, at the end of your lease, or just looking to replace your existing furniture, it is important that you take the proper steps to complete the process properly. 


The removal of remaining furniture is not all that is involved with the Decommission of a site.  Decommissioning also includes the removal of network infrastructure, furniture, equipment, and technology, and restoration work specified within the detailed lease clauses.  Completing this properly requires working with electricians, security consultants, and a host of other trades to ensure the space is returned to the Landlord as specified.  Depending on the particular site and size of the space, this could be a project all on its own!


With any Landlord, or internal corporate decommission policy, there is always the need to follow protocol and to supply proper certification and paperwork within specific timelines.  Our decommission process works directly with you and your Landlord to complete a thorough and successful handover that is agreeable to all parties. 


Our years of experience closing offices throughout North America can give you the confidence that your old site will be transitioned delicately on your behalf, and our close relationships with venders in the move, recycling, and disposal fields will ensure that you get a formal and competitive pricing. 


Cabling, Communications, Audio Visual, and Infrastructure can be overwhelming for Clients and Project Managers alike.  Should your organization not have an internal support group of your own, we can provide a seasoned IT/Voice/Data Specialist to the Team who will in turn work directly with you to ensure a smooth transition on “space” related projects.  This could include LAN Room relocations, decommissioning of sites, upgrades to network infrastructure, and the integration of new products during construction.


One of our greatest assets is our ability to work in tandem with the clients IT and Telephony group. Please note, our specialist can also be hired as needed on IS/IT and Telephony only projects if that is all you require.  Please contact us so that we can customize an approach to match your needs.



At Nimble we provide you with access to professional, seasoned Project Managers, Interior Designers, Trades, and Vendors without adding to your permanent staff.  Nimble will plan, organize, design, execute, and manage the entire project, or portions of it as required, all while keeping our Clients best interests at the forefront.


We have considerable experience planning, designing, moving, decommissioning, and constructing which equates to minimal downtime for your business.  Working within the parameters of the existing space and our client’s needs, we will solution a plan tailored specifically to you.  We and very involved and will walk through every step with the Team to ensure that this is the best possible strategy for all involved.



Our fees are based on the services provided and any, or all, can be included in your project as required.  We have different pricing options so please contact us to discuss options and to see how we can fit into your plans.

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